• Diego Mpiana


It is true, the best time to have gotten into property was 20years ago. The next best time is RIGHT NOW!

There is nothing like the present time to start thinking about you and your family’s financial security. Get “a job for life” and wait for retirement is an outdated model as it only really works for a very select proportion of the population who have the types of jobs that will maintain their lifestyle and look after them throughout their retirement. Have you taken time to consider the different ways you can plan for your future and not simply rely on one pension source yet?

There are a lot of different routes you can choose. At DNC Property Investments we strongly believe real estate still stands head and shoulders as one of the top ways to generate an income that can be used to either maintain or build a new lifestyle even after retirement.

Here are four reasons why we believe this to be true:

1. You make money when you buy NOT when you sell. Real estate is a long game, so if you are the kind of person who needs quick returns, depending on your strategy, this may not be for you. The right property in the right area will continue to appreciate in value. It has been shown in general, that property tends to increase in value over time. This means it will generate you an income all year round (give or take some void periods) so you leverage the monthly cashflow to increase your portfolio while you hold the asset.

2. With the right property, you do not have to tie up all your capital. Our favourite strategy the “Buy, Refurbish, Rent, Refinance, Repeat (BRRRR for short) when set up correctly means you can pull out a good chunk of your money in a relatively short time to use again on the next project. Unlike the stock market where many factors are out of your control and your investment can disappear overnight, you can rest assured that your investment is resting in bricks and mortar.

3. We mentioned BRRRR above, but the truth is there are so many different strategies available to you in real estate, depending on what your long-term goals are. At DNC Property Investments, we pride ourselves in getting to know you and what you hope to achieve. We then work closely with to construct a plan of action that will make your dreams a reality.

4. People will always need somewhere to live. There is an opportunity for greater and more consistent returns because the population is always rising meaning we need more homes. The styles in demand may change but in general you can continue to generate an income if you are aware of what the demand is. At DNC Property Investments, we go to great lengths to keep an eye on what is happening in our area in terms of growth, new business, regeneration etc. as all of this will help to inform on demand for housing.

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