• Diego Mpiana

5 Tips from lessons I've recently learned, about talking to vendors

We've been running FB paid ads 🖥 as part of our direct to vendor marketing. It's been a lot of testing 🧰, some tweaking, and some tweaking🤭but that's a whole other story.

Anyway, we got a lead through and turned out to be property just 10min walk from where we live💃🏾. I immediately got in touch with the vendor. Nearly put my back out I was that quick ⚡! I'm told you are 💯 x more likely to close a lead if the first touchpoint is within the first 30min⌛ of submission of interest - my numbers might be off here but you get the picture

TIP 1:if you're not fast you're last! 🕛

The first call was used to find out about the property but most importantly about the vendor's situation👂🏾. More than anything, we're in property to help people who need to get out of a situation that just so happens to involve a house🏡 .

TIP 2: if you don't start with WHY, you're already losing👎🏾

The vendor didn't sound in any great rush to sell the property so I already knew the best thing I could do here was probably listen, give some value/advice and leave it. We did our numbers 🔢 and came up with an offer 💷. It was nowhere near what they wanted ⚖ .

We could have just left it but decided to ring anyway 📱 because I'd told them I would.

TIP 3: people appreciate integrity

I even tried out what they call a "test close". It went down like a lead balloon🎈

TIP 4: Prepare before a call, lock the kids in the cupboard 🔒, have a paper pen with a rough script 📄 🖋 but be prepared to deviate from it because people are unpredictable 🤦🏽‍♀️

Anyway, no deal this time but they are on my calendar 🗓 to call again in a couple of weeks to see how they are getting on.

TIP 5: follow up, follow up, follow up!

QUESTION: What's been your biggest challenge when talking to vendors or your biggest lesson learned recently? 🤔

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